Truvelle 2018 Bridal Collection Launch Night

During this week (June 3rd 2020), I was reminded about a launch night I was fortunate to photograph and also film. Now back in 2017 when Cecilia from Heart Aflutter Bridal got in touch about working with her on the launch of Canadian Bridal brand Truvelle 2018 Collection, it was another great opportunity to work with Heart Aflutter Bridal. To top it off we used the beautiful space at The Old Bank Vault, a Contemporary Art Gallery in the heart of East London.

So teaming up with Cherelle, International Wedding & Event Planner and owner of Perfectly Planned 4 You, Aria from Laura Anne Makeup and caterer for the night, Chef Sainlo was a massive bonus as I had never worked with these amazing wedding suppliers and something to add to my wedding industry CV.

But the reason for this post wasn’t just a reminder about a great night, but something more. On Heart Aflutter Bridal Instagram page, they have a made a post titled “AMPLIFYING MELANATED VOICES”, meaning expand, magnify the voices of Black people. So what they wanted to do was share the work of black-owned wedding businesses like myself, Chef Sainlo, Perfectly Planned 4 You, as the wedding industry started to look at themselves during this monumental time in our history.

The wedding industry has had an issue like a lot of other industries in Britain with showing Black 0r Brown faces on their front covers of magazines and on their websites, but behind the scenes, a lot of black & people of colour owned businesses were being ignored, not because of their work, but because of the colour of their skin. To be honest, I have never felt this way and in my career as a Wedding Photographer, I have never encountered racism or felt my colour has stopped me from getting work, but it is out there and listening to some stories of what my peers in the industry have encountered is shocking. In other parts of my life and past careers, I have encountered “in your face” racism and what I call “under the counter” racism, which you have to take as banter or not have a chip on my shoulder. So it wasn’t that I was immune, but since starting in this industry back in 2014, I have shot all types of weddings, whether they were held in a church, a golf club, hotel or outside on a mountain side in Morocco, but I never really made a conscious decision to look at the colour of the couple. No I am not saying that I don’t see colour as I definitely do, but what I mean is that I look into other factors when photographing or filming a wedding.

So when Heart Aflutter Bridal decided to share my image on Instagram reminding us of this event, it hit home just how much talent was in that room and the majority was Black 0r POC. Now Cecilia could of gone and showed off the collection at a launch night organised by a white planner, with a white photographer, a white caterer and all white models in a prominent white part of London and probably no one would have battered an eyelid. But she didn’t, she went with the suppliers and models that was best for the job and some of us just happened to be black.

This was a great night and I loved being part of it, and looking back now, this is how all weddings and events should be, hiring the best person and suppliers for the job. Maybe some just need to step out of their comfort zone and just look further afield, and maybe find the perfect supplier that might just happen to be black.

We dont bite……..I promise

Anyway if you want to check out the promo film and images from the night, all below.