New Year’s Resolution 2015

2015 New Year Resolution  003

 1. Get myself organised

A place for everything and everything in its place” – Benjamin Franklin

I see myself as a very organised person. I like to make lists for nearly everything, I have spreadsheets for the family’s weekly and monthly budgets, plus my own personal and business expenses; I make sure that all diaries are up to date and synced.

But I do need to organise how I work in my office (tiny space in my dining area) and also how I store my equipment and gear.

2. Get  bookings for 10+ amazing weddings.

2014 was great for me. It was my first full year as a wedding photographer and every single wedding I worked at was a joy. Thinking back, other than the tired feet and hands, I came away from each day with a smile on my face.

3. Be happy with the gear I have and only buy for necessity not greed!

I used to always want the latest photography gear and anything I could afford to buy, I did. But since now I am using Film more and more in my Photography, I have taken a look at what equipment I really need to get me along, but still succeed within the world of photography. So, 2015 is about having real good look at what equipment I have and adding only if it real necessity, and will be used for more than one job!!

4. Always look to improve

This should be a given. As a photographer, you should never stand still, as other photographer won’t.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistake. Art is knowing which ones to keep” – Scott Adams

 When you are improving, you are going to mistake along the way, that is natural. Its what you learn from it, that is the beauty of creating.

2015 is going to be about me pushing my creativity to the next level, to hopefully produce wonderful images that my family, friends, clients and of course myself are proud to look at again and again.

5. Shoot more personal stuff

“All work, no play is not good for the soul” – Felix Sabates

The main reason I got into photography was I enjoyed taking pictures of everyday things and also landscapes. But since I turned it into a business, I have stopped going out and shooting personal stuff. I feel I have told myself I haven’t got the time. But no-more, 2015 is about shooting more personal as well as for business. So keep an eye out for some of those projects that will coming along on my new Taking The Pictures Photography blog site and Facebook page.

6. Venture into areas of photography

This year, I have decided to offer more and also push the other sides of my business. I love shooting weddings and is something I really focus on in 2014, but I also love photographing couples, families, children and babies. I definitely want to devote more time to these as well as offering Maternity, Boudoir and Commercial photography. I am not saying I want to do everything, but I believe I can offer more than Weddings photography with my unique Fine Art and contemporary style.

7. Take more Photos of myself and my family

I hate having my picture taken, I believe I am the ugliest person in the world. But how can I convince someone else that is fine to pose in front of my camera when I can’t even do it? So more images of me will be coming along and also my family. Time really does fly… I can’t believe how much is happening around me and I’m not documenting it more. And taking pictures of family is a great way to practise and it is mostly free 🙂

8. To be featured more

2014 was a great year for me in terms of being featured on wedding & lifestyle blogs and magazines, but I want more. Not to boost my ego, but just to know my work is being appreciated in a wider community.

9. To Blog more

I was very lazy in terms of blogging my work last year. I promised myself I would blog a wedding a week after the client received their images, but then something else came up. So this year is about catching up blogging shoots from last year and making sure I keep up with this year’s stuff.

10. Work with more of my peers and other wedding suppliers

Networking is very, very important. Last year I got tons of enquires that came from recommendations from other photographers. Two of those enquires turned into wedding bookings!! It also great bouncing ideas and talking with like minded people. In 2014, I have been fortunate to have worked with a few outstanding photographers, and my list will hopefully grow in 2015.

Working with other suppliers within the industry is great as you get to understand about their business and how we help each other out when it comes dealing with clients needs. I have met so many great people within the wedding industry, and I am looking forward to meeting and working with more in 2015.


So that is my 2015 resolutions; what are yours? What do you want to achieve this year…

Please do get in touch, I would love to hear and maybe work together to achieve both our resolutions


Jay xxx


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