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London Fine Art Lifestyle Maternity Photography – Cody’s Bump to Baby shoot @ 14 weeks

Cody’s Bump to Baby – 14 weeks; The first shoot of the series.

It is such a pleasure to be able to offer Fine Art Maternity Photography and capture such a precious time in a woman’s life

I was very excited when I was approach by Cody to shoot her at different stages of her maternity. We scheduled the first of our Bump to Baby photo shoots together when Cody was 14 weeks. We felt this was good time as Cody’s bump was just started to show.

We decided to shoot at her beautiful flat that she shares with her husband near the beautiful Holland Park in London. It was a great choice as the weather on the 1st Day of February was amazing, it was a bright sunny afternoon which bask the flat with wonderful natural light, which fitted so well in the nature of the shoot.

Enjoy the images and look out for the next instalment coming sooner than you think…

Jay xxx

London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-01 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-20 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-21 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-22 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-19 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-03 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-02 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-04 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-05 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-06 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-07 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-08 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-09 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-10 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-11 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-12 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-13 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-14 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-15 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-23 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-24 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-25 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-26 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-27 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-28 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-29 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-30 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-31 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-16 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-32 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-17 London-Fine-Art-Maternity-Portrait-Cody-14wks-18

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