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Surrey Fine Art Wedding Photography – Rachael & Terry’s Farleigh Golf Club Wedding

What a great wedding;

A few months ago Terry got in touch with me asking if I was free to shoot his and Rachael’s big day. Without hesitation I said yes.

I have known Rachael & Terry for over 10 years now, since both our sons have played in the same football team or against each other over the years.

After being together for 20 years and three children later, they decided it was the right time to tie the knot.

So over a week ago, Rachael & Terry got married.

It was such a beautiful day at Farleigh Golf Club with the weather playing ball after a few days of torrential  rain. With family and friends joining in the celebration, it was truly a great wedding…

I thought it would be great to show a sneak peek of the wonderful day.

Enjoy xxx

Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-1 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-2 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-3 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-4 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-29 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-28 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-5 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-6 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-7 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-9 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-10 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-12 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-13 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-27 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-11 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-17 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-18 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-14 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-15 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-16 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-8 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-19 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-20 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-21 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-22 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-23 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-24 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-25 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-26 Surrey-Fine-Art-Wedding---Rachel-&-Terry-Image-30


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Surrey Fine Art Wedding Photography – Kelleigh & Jason’s Oaks Farm Wedding

Team Campbell’s Wedding was always going to be a big occasion. Kelleigh & Jason started planning their wedding with over 18 months to go, but from my first meeting with the couple, you can tell that Kelleigh was a lady that didn’t leave anything to chance. She had booked Oaks Farm in the Hills of Shirley, Surrey as her best friend got married there previously and next on her list was a photographer. When we met, I know this an old cliche, but we hit it off straight away. Both Jason & Kelleigh were so outgoing and  bubbly, we just started talking about everything and what was supposed to be a brief meeting turned into a couple of drinks and old friends chatting away. After the meeting, they had no hesitation in booking me.

Fast forward 18 months, we met up for their engagement shoot which turned out to be a wonderful walk around Dulwich Park in South London which you can read all about here.

So on to the big day; it started with the sun shining and contagious excitement in the air. Even though rain was forecast for later on in the day, this wasn’t going to spoil the mood of the day. And that statement stayed true, it was a wonderful day from start to finish. I’m going to bring out the old cliches, but it has to be said; we laughed, cried and laughed even more.

Jason & Kelleigh Campbell are truly a wonderful couple and it was pleasure being part of their day.

2015-02-09_0001 2015-02-09_0002 2015-02-09_0003 2015-02-09_0004 2015-02-09_0005 2015-02-09_0006 2015-02-09_0007 2015-02-09_0008 2015-02-09_0009 2015-02-09_0010 2015-02-09_0011 2015-02-09_0012 2015-02-09_0013 2015-02-09_0014 2015-02-09_0015 2015-02-09_0016 2015-02-09_0017 2015-02-09_0018 2015-02-09_0019 2015-02-09_0020 2015-02-09_0021 2015-02-09_0022 2015-02-09_0023 2015-02-09_0024 2015-02-09_0025 2015-02-09_0026 2015-02-09_0027 2015-02-09_0028 2015-02-09_0029 2015-02-09_0030 2015-02-09_0031 2015-02-09_0032 2015-02-09_0033 2015-02-09_0034 2015-02-09_0035 2015-02-09_0036 2015-02-09_0037 2015-02-09_0038 2015-02-09_0039 2015-02-09_0040 2015-02-09_0041 2015-02-09_0042 2015-02-09_0043

If you are planning a Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire, Hampshire or London wedding (small or big), and looking for a Fine Art & Contemporary &  wedding photographer to capture  your special day, by combining the beauty of photographing on Film and the versatility of Digital Photography, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Surrey Wedding – ‘Team Campbell’ got married at Oaks Farm – Sneak Peek

‘Team Campbell’ got married at Oaks Farm – Sneak Peek

What a day I had yesterday!! I really laughed, I nearly cried, and I definitely did get wet in the torrential rain. But nothing was going to make Kelleigh & Jason’s big day be a washout.

“Thank you for all your hard work, Jay. J and I loved having you. Can’t wait to see the pictures.”

Once I got this message, I just had to ask if I could show a few sneak peek before they go on their Honeymoon, and Kelleigh was happy for me to

So here you are, a preview of  ‘Team Campbell’s’ Wedding.

Kelleigh & Jason Wedding Day 14.08.14  001-2 Kelleigh & Jason Wedding Day 14.08.14  002-2 Kelleigh & Jason Wedding Day 14.08.14  003-2 Kelleigh & Jason Wedding Day 14.08.14  004-2


Please return in a few weeks to see the full blog of ‘Team Campbell’s’ special day.


If you are planning a wedding (small or big), and looking for a contemporary, artistic wedding photographer to capture all the beauty in your special day, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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London Engagement Shoot – A walk around Dulwich Park with Kelleigh & Jason

London Engagement Shoot – A walk around Dulwich Park with Kelleigh & Jason

Really can’t believe that 18 months has gone since I first met Kelleigh & Jason to discuss their wedding. With less than two weeks until their big day at Oaks Farm, Shirley in Surrey, we decided to meet up for a chat, a walk and of course some photos. We decided to meet up last Sunday in the gorgeous Dulwich Park, taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings, and we couldn’t resist a few shots and nice cup of tea, across the road in Dulwich Picture Gallery’s Gardens. Got to say, every time I meet up with these two, it is great. They were so relaxed and so easy to get on with and the best thing was that are really excited about me shooting their wedding (ok I added that bit in)!!!

For the second time, I shot Film alongside Digital. I really am loving using this method, and am getting more and more comfortable with shooting Portraiture on Film. Look out for the scans once I get them back from the Photography Labs.

Got to say thank you to Anneka for assisting me and cannot wait to work with you again on Kelleigh & Jason wedding day.

Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  008 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  010 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  012 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  014 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  022 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  020 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  024 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  030 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  031 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  036 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  040 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  043 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  046 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  044 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  045 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  055 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  056 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  053 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  052 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  050 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  066 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  067 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  070 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  069 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  073 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  076 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  078 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  002 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  003 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  005 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  088 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  090 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  091 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  007 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  080 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  081 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  082 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  083 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  094 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  098 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  100 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  099 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  101 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  102 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  104 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  103 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  093Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  108 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  107 Kelleigh & Jason Engagement Shoot  109

If you are planning a wedding (small or big), and looking for a contemporary, artistic wedding photographer to capture all the beauty in your special day, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jay xxx

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Dulwich Park Walk – Personal Project Film Photography

Dulwich Park Walk – My Film Photography Personal Project

I love being a Surrey Wedding & Portrait Photographer, but I also want to do something more within the world of photography.

This year I set myself challenges to bring out my creative side more and push into other areas of photography.

One of the challenges was to experiment in Film Photography and hopefully get to a level where I could implement it into my Wedding and Portrait Photography.

So a couple of weeks ago, I bought myself two 35mm Film Cameras, both were from Pentax, one was the ME Super and the other P30n.

So here are a few images from my walk around Dulwich Park in South East London. Really enjoyed using my second hand Pentax 35mm Film Camera, just need to stock up on some more film!!


Dulwich-Park-1 Dulwich-Park-2 Dulwich-Park-3 Dulwich-Park-4


If you are planning a Surrey, London, Kent or Sussex wedding (small or big), and looking for a contemporary, artistic wedding photographer to capture all the beauty in your special day, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jay xxx

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Surrey Wedding Ceremony at Croydon Registry Office

A small, Surrey Wedding Ceremony at Croydon Registry Office on a hot spring day, then onto Dinner in Crystal Palace…

Before their traditional, religious Asian wedding later on in the year in Newcastle, Shama and Siam Saleem made their marriage legal at Croydon Registry Office in Surrey.

This was a very small ceremony at Croydon Registry Office and then a dinner reception at a beautiful Morocco restaurant in Crystal Palace London, but all I can say is, for a wedding party of just over 20, there was as much fun as a wedding of over 100.

Shama decided to wear her Grandmother’s Wedding Dress for the occasion, which was such a lovely touch. Siam who travelled from his home city of Newcastle, leaving early in the morning, was not disappointed when he finally arrived at Croydon Registry Office for the ceremony. Shama looked absolutely stunning in her dress, and with her close friends professionally doing make-up and hair, it just completed the beauty of the bride.

As weddings go it was wonderful affair with plenty of laughter, smiles and of course tears of joy. I’d like to thank you both and your wedding party for allowing me to be part of your special day.

Congratulations to you both and good luck with the Big Wedding later on in the year.

Thanks to Anneka Sanghera, we made a great team on the day and look forward to working with you on our next wedding and event.

A few shots from Shama and Siam special day in Croydon & Crystal Palace….

Croydon Registry White Bridal Dress 3 Croydon Registry White Bridal Dress 2 Croydon Registry White Bridal Dress 1Croydon Registry Office Wedding 12 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 7 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 8 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 11 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 9 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 10 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 4 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 5 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 6Croydon Registry Office Wedding 15 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 16 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 17 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 18 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 19 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 14 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 20 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 21 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 22 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 23 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 24 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 25 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 26 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 27 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 28 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 29 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 30 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 31 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 32 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 33 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 34 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 35 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 37 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 36 Croydon Registry Wedding104 Croydon Registry Office Wedding 38 Croydon Registry Wedding105 Croydon Registry Wedding110 Croydon Registry Wedding112 Croydon Registry Wedding119 Croydon Registry Wedding120 Croydon Registry Wedding121 Croydon Registry Wedding122 Croydon Registry Wedding129 Croydon Registry Wedding131 Croydon Registry Wedding137 Croydon Registry Wedding139 Croydon Registry Wedding140 Croydon Registry Wedding141 Croydon Registry Wedding143 Croydon Registry Wedding150 Croydon Registry Wedding155 Croydon Registry Wedding156 Croydon Registry Wedding151 Croydon Registry Wedding152 Croydon Registry Wedding158 Croydon Registry Wedding159 Croydon Registry Wedding162 Croydon Registry Wedding166 Croydon Registry Wedding167 Croydon Registry Wedding171 Croydon Registry Wedding175 Croydon Registry Wedding176 Croydon Registry Wedding177 Croydon Registry Wedding174 Croydon Registry Wedding179 Croydon Registry Wedding180 Croydon Registry Wedding181 Croydon Registry Wedding183 Croydon Registry Wedding186 Croydon Registry Wedding185 Croydon Registry Wedding184 Croydon Registry Wedding188 Croydon Registry Wedding191 Croydon Registry Wedding193 Croydon Registry Wedding195 Croydon Registry Wedding203 Croydon Registry Wedding202 Croydon Registry Wedding197 Croydon Registry Wedding198 Croydon Registry Wedding205 Croydon Registry Wedding208 Croydon Registry Wedding210 Croydon Registry Wedding212 Croydon Registry Wedding214 Croydon Registry Wedding215 Croydon Registry Wedding217 Croydon Registry Wedding216 Croydon Registry Wedding226 Croydon Registry Wedding223 Croydon Registry Wedding230 Croydon Registry Wedding233 Croydon Registry Wedding234 Croydon Registry Wedding237 Croydon Registry Wedding244 Croydon Registry Wedding243 Croydon Registry Wedding240 Croydon Registry Wedding241 Croydon Registry Wedding242 Croydon Registry Wedding250 Croydon Registry Wedding238 Croydon Registry Wedding245 Croydon Registry Wedding247 Croydon Registry Wedding253 Croydon Registry Wedding251 Croydon Registry Wedding252 Croydon Registry Wedding255 Croydon Registry Wedding256 Croydon Registry Wedding257 Croydon Registry Wedding258 Croydon Registry Wedding264 Croydon Registry Wedding262 Croydon Registry Wedding261 Croydon Registry Wedding267 Croydon Registry Wedding260 Croydon Registry Wedding266 Croydon Registry Wedding268 Croydon Registry Wedding269 Croydon Registry Wedding270 Croydon Registry Wedding248

If you are planning a Surrey or London wedding (small or big), and looking for a contemporary, artistic wedding photographer to capture all the beauty in your special day, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jay xxx

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The reason to choose me as your wedding photographer post

If you are reading this, I am hoping you are a bride or groom to be who is looking for a wedding photographer to capture you on your special day, you saw this blog about choosing a wedding photographer and thought this might help you.


There is 10s of thousands of professional wedding photographers and thousand more amateur photographers who would happily photograph your day. So why choose me when the photographer above me on the Google search does exactly the same as me? What have I got that makes me unique, and stand out from the crowd?

You would have read a lot of blogs, and articles in wedding magazines on how to choose the right photographer and what to look out for, which is great and I would recommend it.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a very personal decision, and I know that I am not the perfect choice for every couple. But hopefully with the list of reasons to choose me, I will be your perfect choice.


Well here are the 5 reasons why you should book me.Groom and Bride Kissing and Laughing

  1.  You like my style of photography, and it fits into your style for your wedding. I put this as No.1, as I feel, this is one of the most important considerations. I like to combine the elegant and modern with a fashionable method to my wedding photography. From my portfolio, you can see that I love my images to feel fresh, light and very natural. I want your images to feel crisp and wonderfully captured. I want your images to stand the test of time, that you want to share with generation after generation.Bride & Groom kissing with guests
  2.  I am a very relaxed wedding photographer, who likes to go with the flow; I am not there to run your wedding. 
Wedding days are very stressful & hectic, and the last thing you need is a photographer adding to this stress. What I like to do firstly do is try and keep you relaxed and add a few laughs into the day. I have a documentary approach where being in the background and being un-intrusive is how is catch the fun, joy and emotions from you and your guests, but I also produce stunning portraits of you and the bridal party. This is where I might instruct you on where to stand and how to pose, but I am far from the control freak and demand you do “things my way or the highway”Group shot with Bride as star
  3. I do like a bit of cheese. As I said previously, I like to have a bit of fun and to make you feel easy. Even though my images are very light, natural and very much telling the story of the day, I do like a few of the cheesy, fun photos.  We all know the worn-out, overused group shots that end up looking forced & corny and no one looks happy; well I like to put in a fun twist on them and add a bit of cheese.Just showing Best man with Tie
  4. I have a great personality. 
Well, my family loves me. But seriously, the worse thing that could happen is that you don’t get on with your photographer and they don’t get on with you. Doesn’t matter how great the photographers are and how many years experience they have. If you don’t get on with them and you don’t build up a rapport with them before your wedding, the pictures are not going to come out well. I like to get to know my couple; I like to build a relationship with them. So when it comes to your big day, we are like old friends who understand how each other works and we can get along and enjoy your wedding. I know that sounds corny and fake, but it is true and the majority of the couples I have been fortunate enough to photograph, still friends. The best way to know whether or not you will like me as your photographer is to meet me in person. We can set up a coffee meet or go for a drink and figure out if you like my style and sense of humour.  If you can’t meet me in person, I recommend either a Skype conversation or a phone call.DIY Love sign on table
  5. Last but not least…I love photographing weddings. 
This reason sounds a bit selfish, but my love for photographing weddings is a major benefit to you as well. I genuinely love my job, and I believe this shows in both my attitude on your wedding day and in your wedding photos.


Well there is the list, I could add more, but I don’t want to bore you. But if you want to know more about me, then get in contact with me and let’s talk.