About me

 My photography bug started with a Polaroid camera at a Music Festival in 2008, and I haven’t looked back. I have loved every minute of the journey.

Hi, I am Janhoi Anderson but don’t worry about trying to pronounce it, no one except my family can, so just call me Jay.  I am a Photographer based in London who captures weddings and portraits all around the UK & Ireland. I have also been fortunate to photograph weddings further afield, Morocco, France, Italy & North Carolina, USA being my latest ventures.

When describing myself & what is important to me, I always say four F words: Family, Fashion, Friends, & Food.

However, trying to write it down and not come across corny and boring is difficult! so I decided I would do a quick run down about me…

I like making lists.

I love Fashion. Since a young age I always tried to follow the latest trends and styles. Some people might not agree with my fashion sense, but I like it.

I like to smile and laugh, and unlike a true Londoner, I do say hello and smile at strangers on the tube.

Talking about being a Londoner, I was born in the North side of the river, defected south of the river (a big thing if you are a Londoner)

I now live with my wife, and family of dogs in beautiful village in the South Oxfordshire countryside.

I love to cook and eat deliciously good Food, and love eating out as well. In-particular going to a good steak house!

I love Bakewell Tarts, I really do, but there’s no better way to have it than warm with custard

I love Gin, plus any good gin cocktail. Paired with Friends at a cocktail bar is what I call a Fun night out

I love hats and when I am not photographing a wedding, you’ll usually catch me  wearing a baseball cap or a Trilby when I’m drinking gin.

I have two awesome teenage kids (I know, I don’t look old enough)

When I have a couple of hours to myself, you will either find me watching a comedy like Only Fools & Horses (shows my age), The Office (UK & USA versions), Brooklyn nine-nine, Parks & Recreation or a good Mafia film/TV show.

I started studying Aerospace Engineering at University before switching to Fashion Buying and Merchandising Management, quite a difference hey?!

After 10 years in Fashion Buying, and working for the likes of Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and House of Fraser, my path led me to photography.

My Style

Jay Anderson Photography is more than taking beautiful pictures, it’s about me capturing those “raw, natural moments”.

The way I photograph and film a wedding is a unique mixture of contemporary & creative documentary with stylish portraiture. My style is clean, luminous and natural looking. This comes from shooting Hybrid which gives leverage for me to blend the best of digital and film and not limiting myself to shooting in one way.

What defines me from other photographers is my style of photographing, or filming a wedding, event or portrait session, I always want to give my clients that wow factor. This style, characterised by the relaxed and informal approach, is what makes my work distinctive.

For me, I like to seek out beautiful & great details in the backgrounds & settings to complement you and your day. But most important thing about my raw, natural style is that I want everyone to feel comfortable and special.

I approach every wedding with new and fresh eyes. What that means is that although my style will remain the same, I will approach it with you in mind. I love capturing the spontaneity and the spirit of the occasion; and I will produce a unique narration of your day.

So that is me, what about you? Get in contact and lets talk about you.

If you would like to know more about my style and approach to photography, then check out some of my galleries , also check out my Blog, like my page on Facebook or follow me on Instagram. xxx